Ilsa Bartlett is an experienced counselor, having trained in forty different belief systems and a number of techniques.

If you are looking for beginning or end of life counseling, palliative care, or you or a family member are going through trauma, chronic pain or terminal illness, Ilsa’s expertise may be right for you.

She specializes in creating a safe space for her clients to fill, where their concerns can be safely and compassionately addressed. She calls it “creating a comfortable and safe container for your concerns.”

Among her services are the following:

-Discussing the meaning of life, your life’s purpose

-Hospice services

-Recusitation/non-resusitation decrees

-Group work for family members

-Coping with chronic pain

-Beginning of life issues and preparing for pregnancy

Contact her today for a free intake session by emailing her at

 ibartlett at att dot net

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